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Peter Jacobson

Philip and Stephan were able to work on the fascial adhesions that had developed and release those areas. As I learned more about what they were doing and how I had contributed to those problems, we were able to create meaningful and dramatic changes in my body. I had never learned how to engage my core properly and the body recognized that it need to support my mid section by creating layers of fascia to support the lower back. Years of this added many inches to my abdominal area. This fascia encapsulated fat that was extremely hard for the body to access -even when going on radical diets. Once Philip and Stephan started unraveling these layers, we discovered many other historical problems in my body. My upper and center chest area fascia had adheised to the rib cage and was not allowing the pec muscle to operate in the manner it is supposed to. This created more facial layers to support the ineffective muscle – in turn encapsulating fat on my chest as well.  I have had nagging upper back pain -you know the spot by the shoulder blades – for many, many years. I have spent serious amounts of money on massage, physio, chiropractic, acupuncture and the relief was always temporary, if at all.  The issue was that it was not the shoulder blade area that was the problem – it was the fascial adhesions on the chest that was pulling my head and shoulders forward and creating the pain. I can now stand and hold myself up straight and don’t even think about the shoulder blade area anymore. Other areas of fascial adhesions were uncovered  – where I had broken my arm when I was 12,  where I had injured my lower back in an auto accident at 17, where had broken my leg at 22, where I had injured my knee in my 40’s.  With the program that Philip and Stephan are doing now, all of these areas get addressed and the body starts to works as it is designed to. The combination of fascial release and intentional movement exercises really does work. It’s funny, people at work keep asking me what diet I am on – not really on one, other than eating in moderation. The focus is on function and the body removes the fat on its own once the function is correct. I am still the same 205 pounds I have been most of my adult life – just now my abdominal area is 12 inches smaller.
Needless to say, both Rita and I are extremely grateful for the dramatic changes in our lives directly attributed to this treatment and we are looking forward to the next round of treatments to continue this amazing transformation. I would be remiss if I did not mention the contribution that Mary Lynn does for this clinic… “

Rita Jacobson​

Philip and Stephan were able to diagnose a fascial adhesion on Rita at the pubic bone that was restricting the body’s ability to drain fluid and waste to the lymph nodes in the groin. Once this was discovered and released, the size loss was dramatic. 5 inches in the first week and she continues to lose size. Looking back, Rita realized that this problem happened when she was 12 years old and going through puberty. No diet or exercise would have helped to fix this problem.

Rita also had a lower back injury from an auto accident 15 years ago. The treatment has eliminated that nagging pain. The intentional movement exercises have strengthened her and she is able to enjoy her gardening and other hobbies to a greater degree.”

Gilbert Guenette

“The treatments received resulted in unexpected benefits. Manipulating the fascia in areas of previous physical injuries was very painful initially. However, the results were immediate and significant. My improved body alignment has facilitated greater flexibility, stamina, and strength.  I got rid of my annoying hand tremor and have been complimented numerous times on my weight loss. Thanks Phil and Stephan!” 

Michelle Mitschrich

I experienced: better sleep, less coffee and sugar cravings/balanced appetite), feeling more connected to my body as a system, more in control of my movements (muscle firing), more core awareness/muscle definition, feeling leaner, feeling stronger, clarity of mind, more focus, feeling more connected to my purpose, more confident, lengthening in the low back (less lordotic curve). 

You are all very professional, and I felt comfortable with you. It is apparent that you are passionate about what you are doing, and the intention of your work is clear and you work with integrity. You are curious to know how to best meet the client, and what ways the experience could be better. I found this so refreshing.”