Total Health Reform Program

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The Total Health Reform Program is a paradigm shift in personal health, capable of awakening the unlimited potential in the body. Our program occurs over 10 days, and follows a five step protocol.

  • Step 1 Free Initial Consultation
  • Step 2 Technology driven assessment
  • Step 3 Manual therapy treatments
  • Step 4 One-on-one fitness training
  • Step 5 Aftercare & online support

Step 1 - Consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our Senior Facilitators to determine your health concerns and goals, and how our program can help. During this time, we will outline your options, costs, timeline, and treatment outcomes.

Step 2- Assessment​

Our assessment is designed to set a baseline for your current state of health, track ongoing changes, and identify any imbalances and/or physical conditions that will impact your outcomes. A technology-driven protocol, our assessment includes the following:

  • Questionnaire: personal profile, pain/pathologies, health & fitness
  • Postural Assessment: deviations and points of improvement
  • Measurements: STYKU 3D Body Scanner
  • Strength Challenges: imbalances and compensations
  • Range of Motion: Using an inclinometer
STYKU 3D Technology

We incorporate a 3D Body Scanner to ensure the highest level of accuracy and accountability with regards to our results. This leading-edge technology provides an instantaneous 3D image of the body, including fat percentage, muscle volume, postural analysis, etc., and hundreds of precise measurements of various zones.

Step 3 - Treatment

Fascial Contouring is the flagship service for our Total Health Reform program. It was developed and is offered exclusively by IMfit Inc. A manual therapy that consists of identifying and eliminating fascial adhesions and restrictions in the body, it has the following benefits:

  • Reduces pain, inflammation & swelling
  • Mitigates the effects of aging
  • Allows for targeted body reshaping
  • Eliminates unwanted fat
  • Optimizes muscle control & function
  • Increases circulation & nerve conductivity
  • Enhances strength & mobility
  • Improves balance & posture
  • Indications of early success with hair regrowth
What is fascia?

The International Fascia Research Congress defines fascia as “the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body. It forms a whole-body continuous three-dimensional matrix of structural support. Fascia interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, creating a unique environment for body systems functioning.”

What is Fascial Contouring?

Fascial Contouring is a hands-on therapy where the facilitator manipulates your body’s tissues including skin, muscle, and fascia. Working with you, the facilitator ensures that the treatment is delivered in as comfortable a manner as possible while restoring balance and function.

Step 4 - Training

Intentional Movement was developed and is exclusively offered by IMfit Inc. It is an essential component of the Total Health Reform program. A full body training system, it will help you to better perform everyday tasks and fitness activities/sports, while preventing against injuries and protecting the joints. These quick and easy, daily movements offer the following benefits:

  • Optimal musculoskeletal balance
  • Enhances physical aptitude
  • Protects the joints and prevents injury
  • Efficient full-body workout
  • Provides foundation for complex movements
  • Improves posture and body awareness
  • Improve ability to disperse force
  • Helps to maintain the manual therapy results

Step 5 - Aftercare

We have an online group for program participants and alumni in order to help you stay motivated throughout your transformation. Natural supplements are recommended as part of the program to support cellular waste removal, and tissue repair and recovery.