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Do you want to take your sport to the next level? Are you a Weekend Warrior that wants to edge out the competition? Would you like to be active well into your retirement years?

We have the answer for you. Our Intentional Movement  training program and Fascial Contouring treatments will help optimize your performance, prevent injuries, and set a trajectory for increasing capability and success over time.

“Fascia tissues deserve more detailed attention in the field of sports medicine. A better understanding of their adaptation dynamics to mechanical loading, as well as to biochemical conditions promises valuable improvements in terms of injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports related rehabilitation” (Fascial tissue research in sports medicine: from molecules to tissue adaptation, injury and diagnostics: consensus statement, 2018)

Intentional Movement Training

Intentional Movement ™ is a series of 26 different, foundational exercises that teaches proper biomechanics and synchronistic movement around the joints. Not your average exercise program, we show you how to engage your muscles in a healthy way to protect the joints and ligaments while increasing your strength and decreasing your reaction time.

We have developed an extensive video library that you can access on-line so you can hone in on the finer points of the program that distill down to daily exercise practice that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

This program is available through our personal trainers. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Intentional Movement Protocol By Series:

  • The Neck
  • The Core
  • Arms, Upper Back & Shoulders
  • Legs, Hips & Glutes
  • Daily Practice Flow

Fascial Contouring

Fascial Contouring can help athletes maximize their performance by identifying what is holding them back and/or addressing any compensations in the body. Because athletes challenge themselves to a greater degree, the fascial system is often impaired due to injuries or over use. We can correct the conditions that prevent athletes from achieving their goals and enable them to not only prevent decline, but also create new possibilities to break through any barriers related to health and fitness.

Duration 60-120 minutes. Please contact us for your free consultation.