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This link provides excellent information, and a current understanding of Fascia and is presented in a way that is understandable and engaging for a layman or a clinician, and includes great visuals. This is the first chapter of David Lesondak’s new book:
Fascia: the living tissue and system
Lesondak, David. (2018). Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters.

This link provides insight about Fascia as more than simply a compartment/ container for muscles and organs, it describes how it serves an important role in transmitting and transducing sensory information:
Schleip, Robert. (2017). Terra rosa e-mag. 20. 2-7.

This link is a consensus statement: “The Second International CONNECT Conference was held at the University of Ulm, Germany, on 16–19 March 2017, as part of a conference series aimed at fostering scientific progress towards a better understanding and treatment of fascial tissues in sports medicine. After the conference, a meeting was held with conference speakers and other field-related experts to discuss and find consensus regarding the role of fascial tissue in the field of sports medicine.”
Fascial tissue research in sports medicine: from molecules to tissue adaptation, injury and diagnostics: consensus statement
Zügel M, Maganaris CN, Wilke J, et al. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2018; 52: 1497.

The following 45 minute 2018 documentary highlights some of the current research about the wonderful world of fascia. Several of the lead researchers from around the globe are showcased and speak about their findings. There are many excellent animations and analogues throughout to engage the viewer and develop an understanding about Fascia as a tissue/organ/system: