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Our Company

IMfit Health Innovations Inc. is a leading edge health and fitness company that is changing the paradigm for clients seeking solutions for pain or dysfunction, aesthetic concerns, and performance. We work with the fascial system. Our flagship services are Fascial ContouringTM and Intentional MovementTM, and were developed with real clients in a clinical setting over many years of dedicated practice at Aspire Health Therapies in Calgary, AB. They evolved from a desire to help people find real solutions to nagging problems rather than just symptomatic relief.

“Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the whole body forming a whole body continuous 3-dimensional matrix of structural support” 

– Findley and Schleip

Our Team

We are a top-notch team of experts in the fields of health and fitness with diverse and varied skills that we bring to each individual served at our centre. Together, they work hard to deliver the best possible results based on the evolving science of fascia.


Philip has been a highly sought after fascial therapist for over ten years, and was the visionary behind Aspire Health Therapies in Calgary, AB, where Fascial Contouring and Intentional Movement were first tested and offered. He has trained with top industry experts such as Thomas Myers, and Carla and Antonio Stecco, and holds a postgraduate degree in Information Technology.

My WHY? I love to empower my clients and see them transform.


Stephan is a fascia specialist with over 10 years experience and broad skills that include Fascial Contouring, Fascial Decompression, myofascial cupping, Foundational Movement Therapy, and Chi Nei Tsang. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. His career path has included time as a medic and an advanced wilderness first aid instructor, where he taught for the Canadian military and in remote Arctic communities. Stephan has also guided multi-sport trips in areas such as Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, and the Canadian West Coast & Rockies. He is passionate about outdoor pursuits, having completed a month-long ski expedition across the Arctic circle, as well as self-guided paddling expeditions in the North West Territories and Grand Canyon. His current pursuits are climbing and obstacle course racing.

My WHY? I’m passionate about accessing and expanding human potential.


Ryan a former professional and current extreme sport athlete, philanthropist, entrepreneur and public speaker joins our team as a Lead Developer, Personal Coach and Creative Director. Ryan as an adventurer spent much time around the world, deep in competition and on the edge of cliffs facing down into the abyss. As a former professional race car driver, Ryan had the opportunity to work off the track with many organizations such as the Ronald MacDonald House, Cancer Research Society and Every Woman Foundation to name a few; as a lead organizer and guest speaker of many projects, many of his own design. His experiences and training around the world in some of the most challenging environments and dangerous sports known to man has enabled him to develop skill sets and an understanding to the human psyche in specific ways; fear, emotional patterns and brain states. Living an extreme lifestyle comes with extreme emotional challenges, injuries, dysfunctional patterns and traumas; all in which are translated into knowledge and functionality under the IMfit paradigm.